HOST Articles, Liturgy and Resources

Please note these articles only represent the views of the author.

Useful Resources/Articles Description
Breaking of Bread An informal liturgy for the breaking of bread used within our community.
On the road to Emmaus An article by Simon Hardwick for those Christians exploring faith outside the confines of Christendom
Encouraging Spiritual Growth

A Short Overview of Fowlers handout

Spiritual Growth Presentation

Presentation notes, a hand out and a ppt: by Simon Hardwick on Spiritual Growth.  Based on the recent studies of Alan Jamieson this is an overview of the different ‘stages’ of growth as outlined in scripture, the history of the church and psychologists.  The presentation was in the context of supporting those in churches who are going through this process.
We are all theologians final

We are all Theologians presentation

Presentation notes and ppt: presentation by Simon Hardwick on theology for the local church.  This presentation was given to small group leaders on the importance of theology.
Useful Websites Description
Fresh Expressions The main website of the CofE and Methodist church exploring new forms of church in a rapidly changing culture.
Share the Guide An on-line manual supporting groups, communities and churches as they seek to mission in their local context An online magazine sharing stories of those involved in the forefront of mission in the post-Christian West.
Maidstone Christian Care A local charity supporting homeless and vulnerable people in Maidstone

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