Resurrection: Renewal of Creation

The Resurrection has implications for the whole of creation (Romans 8).  The story of the infection of the world with death, decay and sin as narrated in Genesis 3 is ended with renewal, new beginnings and rebirth in Resurrection.

The Spirit of God who hovered over the water bringing about creation in Genesis 1 is now coming upon the disciples in Acts 1.  A new world order has begun – God’s future is now pouring into the present.  We join with Christ in heralding and demonstrating its coming and invite others to join us.

Easter is about a new creation that has already begun. God is remaking His world, challenging all the other powers that think that is their jobWhen the Church begins to work with Easter energy on the twin tasks of justice and beauty, we may find that it can face down the sneers of sceptics, and speak once more of Jesus in a way that will be heard. – Tom Wright

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