What does the resurrection look like today?

I have been struggling to convey what this means!  So as a starting point I thought I’d bring in the ex-Bishop of Durham Tom Wright.  He wrote a magisterial work as part of his ‘New Testament and the People of God’  series called The Resurrection of the Son of God.

During Easter 2009 he wrote an article in The Times to try and unpack the real meaning of Easter:

“Now, suddenly, the real meaning of Easter comes into view, as well as the real reason why it has been trivialised and sidelined. Easter is about a new creation that has already begun. God is remaking His world, challenging all the other powers that think that is their job. The rich, wise order of creation and its glorious, abundant beauty are reaffirmed on the other side of the thing that always threatens justice and beauty – death. Christianity’s critics have always sneered that nothing has changed. But everything has. The world is a different place. “

Try this video:

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