What kind of church do I see for the future?

Reflections by Rowan Williams at a recent Fresh Expressions Day:

It will be looking far less homogeneous in a couple of decades. its heart will be in small groups working at their relationships and their understanding – the cell – mutual formation of life and possibilities in the sort of group where people really trust one another. building personal face to face relationships – trust and friendships – is key across inherited and fresh expressions – informal mentoring, exchanges of experience with people who are different. at the other end of the spectrum – the big event, festival and celebration – has also grown in exciting ways. Maybe these two poles are where the future lies? Most of our communities are somewhere in-between which is ok but maybe clarity about those two ends will help. need to go on thinking quite hard about the small intentional and the large festival (interestingly this is why cathedrals have a part to play into the future). This i think is how i see the mixed economy working. context in which there is a flow of communication, good news, stories being shared – all held together by jesus and what he helps you see – the landscape transformed

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