Easter Sunday

At Emmaus…

As they ate together, bread is broken and the traveller who had been their conversation partner is revealed to them as The Risen Lord. They returned to Jerusalem not as those who had re-discovered their lost faith, but rather those who held their beliefs in a new transformed way. The Lord who ate the Last Supper with them telling the story of betrayal and death was now the risen one who met them again in the breaking of bread of a new dawn. Thus their understanding of Jesus, his mission and ultimately their identity is profoundly transformed. ‘This is the meaning of Messiah, this is the story of the Son of Man, and this is the purpose and victory of God. Not a procession to destruction on the cross but rather the means by which death and evil is destroyed and new life and hope pours into the world through resurrection.’

Extract from On the Road to Emmaus by Simon Hardwick

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