Easter Saturday

Luke 24 tells the journey of two disciples who have had the heart of their faith ripped from them. They were with Jesus as he healed the sick, confronted evil in all its oppressive forms and preached and demonstrated the message of the coming kingdom of God. They believed he was the one to redeem Israel – he was the Christ, the Messiah, the one who would expel the Roman occupiers and sit on the throne of David. Yet they saw him nailed to a cross, humiliated and defeated. The Romans had won. The religious authorities in Israel had protected their own interests and silenced a growing seditious movement.

So here they were. Walking away from Jerusalem, from the place where not only their Messiah was crucified, but where all faith in who they understood God to be and do shattered. It must have been a deeply disorientating experience – one filled with uncertainty, pain, doubt, darkness and intense self-reflection.

Extract from On the Road to Emmaus by Simon Hardwick

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