Swearing at God

Thought you might find this interesting.  It is written by Harvey Edser at Evangelical Liberal

Yesterday evening I found myself trying out a novel style of praying, one which is unlikely to be found in the Alpha Course Prayer Manual.

I was walking home across Blackheath, praying, and suddenly all my long-felt frustrations, hurts and disappointments with God came tumbling out. Why won’t you answer the prayers about the things I really care about? Why won’t you speak to me directly instead of second-hand through the Bible? If you care so much, why does it so often feel like you don’t care at all? Why does your presence so often feel like absence; why do your supposed blessings so often feel like punishments?

And suddenly I was swearing repeatedly at God: ‘F— you! F— the Bible, f— church, f— theology! F— you for ignoring me, for never speaking to me!’ And so on. And the strange thing was, it felt really good.

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