Advent – Waiting

Do reflect this week on the story of Abraham (Genesis 12 and following) and his period of waiting.  Waiting is a key part of advent and something we all struggle to do in our ‘have it now’ culture.

Waiting for answers
Waiting for peace
Waiting for healing
Waiting for love
Waiting for promises fulfilled
Waiting for God


In this period of Waiting God is conceived as a fragile human in the womb of a young woman.

We Wait for God….

Is he also waiting for us…?

Waiting for us to see
Waiting for us to hear
Waiting for us to act
Waiting for us to believe

Father – we wait for you.  Help us to see you in places and people we least expect.  Help us to be patient and draw close to you.


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2 Responses to Advent – Waiting

  1. Mary Ann Shisler says:

    This prayer is exactly what I needed for worship leading tomorrow. Inspired by God; and I am thankful. I hope it’s OK that I’m using it.

    • Hi Mary, Thank you for dropping by. This prayer just popped out during a period of being snowed in! I hope God uses this prayer in your worship time to draw people closer to Himself. Best, Simon

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