Learning, Discipleship and Mission

Scripture is at the core of our community.  We reflect on its meaning and consider the implications of it’s teachings for today.  Often we talk about receiving ‘good teaching’ in our churches often through the model of preaching.  Church buildings are set up for the receiving of preaching: pews, lecturns and pulpits.  However, what kind of environment needs to develop to become a community of learners.  Frost and Hirsch in their book The Shaping of Things to Come make the perceptive point when they say:

 ‘learning takes place much more effectively when the Christian faith community is involved in active mission. Too much existing Bible teaching happens to passive groups of Christians, many of whom are not involved in any kind of risky missional activity.’

This is an important point and one as a community we continually need to reflect upon.  The process of being church helps us understand what the nature, mission and dynamic of the church is.  And as Frost and Hirsch argue, mission is at the core of church.

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