“Back to Church Sunday” – An Evaluation

Written by Simon:

I am an advocate of the ‘mixed economy’ approach to mission.  We need a variety of approaches to the issues of building Christian community in the 21st Century.  ‘One model fits all’ – the McDonald’s method, does not engage an increasingly diverse society.  All branches of the family: seeker, sacramental, low, high, liberal, conservative and emerging are needed to connect with people today.

However, when the vision of ‘Back to Church..’ was first conceived the statistics of the late 1990’s showed a large block of ‘open de-churched’ – those who with the right invitation would return.  By the mid 00’s this had significantly reduced to only 6% of the population.  This is only going to get smaller as time goes on.  Already studies on religious belief with Generation Y and Z (16-24) show 96% disconnectedness to Church.

It seems ‘Back to Church’ has a very limited shelf life.

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