“See how they love one another”

“In the period following the Apostolic Age, there was an exuberant caring and sharing on the part of Christians that was unique in antiquity. Julian the apostate, an enemy of Christianity, admitted that “the godless Galileans fed not only their (poor) but ours also.” Tertullian wrote that the Christians’ deeds of love were so noble that the pagan world confessed in astonishment, “See how they love one another.’”

Richard Foster – Freedom of Simplicity

The earliest comments from the hostile pagan world about the fledgling Christian community as it grew in the second century was about the love they showed to one another and to the less fortunate (especially considering there was no social security!).

These Christians were a living embodiment of  Jesus’ teaching: “As I have loved you, so love one another” and “By this all men shall know that you are my disciples – if you love one another”.

People were attracted to the Christians not by flashy events or effective advertising but by the real demonstration of the love God.

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