I am really pleased to see that Mike Riddell’s book GodZone:  A guide to travels of the soul has been republished.

The book was first released in 1992 and was the first attempt I had discovered of someone trying to put the Christian journey into a language and style for today whilst remaining true to it’s core.

Riddell writes as a mystic, a theologian a poet and a storyteller. It is packed full of stories, anecdotes, wisdom and thought provoking ideas.  He uses the metaphor of “Godzone” to mean the kingdom of God.

Godzone is different. As far as I’m aware, there are no signs indicating where it starts and stops. I have never seen a sign declaring, ‘You Are Now Entering Godzone.’ And for good reason. You never do enter it, or leave it for that matter. You’re standing in it, as the farmer said to the traveling salesman. Wherever you are, you’re in the Godzone.

I think there are some places that sound a little dated, however I think this is tonic for the soul.  I used his parables and stories in sermons and he was the first person to get me thinking about preaching/teaching in this way.

If you have a spare £8 add this to your list!

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